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You don’t have to feel stuck, lost or alone in your parenting journey

It can feel difficult to know how to move forward when you’ve experienced challenges or losses on the way to becoming a parent. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to put the things that have happened in their rightful place. Leaving you feeling stuck, isolated and unsure of what to do next.

I am here to listen and support you, using specialist psychological therapy to help you move forward again.

Better Beginnings provides therapy that is sensitive to your individual needs

I know you want to feel able to move forward in your life after difficult experiences. In order to do that you need a safe place to process what has happened.

You may be battling with infertility, grieving after pregnancy loss, or reeling from a difficult birth.

Perhaps you are concerned about bonding with your baby or reflecting on your own childhood experiences as you transition to parenthood.

Therapy with me is a safe space to explore all these things and work out the best way forward in your life.

Perinatal Counselling

How I can help you

Miscarriage and

You shouldn't have to struggle alone with grief and trauma after a miscarriage or stillbirth. I provide specialist stillbirth therapy and miscarriage therapy, helping you make sense of your loss, process the trauma and grief, and move towards a life with meaning.

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Depression and

It is not okay to be lost under the weight of postnatal depression or anxiety. This wasn't how you imagined early parenthood would feel. I understand the challenges you are facing. Postnatal therapy can give you a space to make sense of the anxiety or depression and help you reconnect with yourself and the things that matter.

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You shouldn't be left feeling upset when you think about your birth experience. It wasn't your fault, and it wasn't because you didn't try hard enough. I provide birth trauma counselling and birth trauma therapy to help you make sense of what happened, process the traumatic events, and feel safe and connected again.

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Counselling for Fertility Issues

No one should be expected to cope with fertility treatment without support, but so often those around you don’t understand the emotional impact and the losses your facing. I offer specialist infertility counselling, creating a safe space to support you through fertility problems, treatment and beyond.

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Specialist EMDR Supervision and Consultation

If you’re a psychologist looking for a warm and experienced supervision space then contact me to find out how I can support you.

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A bit about me

I’m Dr Miriam Inder, a highly experienced Clinical Psychologist and Accredited EMDR Consultant. I specialise in working with women during the perinatal period, whether they are hoping to be mothers, preparing to be mothers, or are mothers already.

I started Better Beginnings after experiencing challenges on my journey to motherhood. It made me reflect on how hard this period can be. If I felt like this, with my psychologist training, how were other people coping?

I am passionate about using my expertise as a Perinatal Clinical Psychologist to transform other mothers’ experiences. Drawing on powerful therapies such as EMDR, I help people recover from reproductive trauma.

Perinatal Psychologist - Dr. Miriam Inder

How it works

Step one

Contact me and let's talk

Contact me using the button below and we can book a free introduction call so you can be confident I'm a good fit for you.

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Step two

Together, we'll create a plan

With the security of feeling comfortable with me, we meet and begin by gently creating a shared understanding of your needs and crafting an individualised treatment plan.

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Step three

Start moving
forward again

We work together, at a pace that’s right for you, using specialist psychological therapy to help you achieve your therapy goals and move into the life you’ve been picturing.

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