Anxiety Treatment in Essex

Anxiety is one of the most common psychological difficulties experienced by people today. A certain amount of anxiety is normal – part of an internal alarm system designed to protect us from danger, however sometimes these thoughts interfere with your ability to function in daily life, and this is when it is time to seek help.

I offer anxiety treatment in Essex, at our conveniently located consulting rooms in Danbury (Chelmsford). I will help you understand the anxiety symptoms and create a personalised anxiety treatment plan to support your recovery. Some of the most common problematic symptoms you might notice are increased heart rate, muscle tension, ‘jelly legs’, difficulty breathing, feeling hot and nauseous. Psychological symptoms (thoughts/cognitions) can focus on a feared consequence e.g. I am in danger, or might extend to thoughts about the physiological symptoms themselves (e.g. I’m going mad, I’m going to collapse). Often these things lead to avoidance of activities or environments which would have been previously enjoyed.

Some people have an identifiable cause for their anxiety; a traumatic incident, lots of stressors or a significant life event (moving house, the end of a relationship, illness). Sometimes people cannot easily identify a trigger. Anxiety conditions include agoraphobia, body dysmorphic disorder, phobias, health anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, postnatal anxiety and social anxiety. Many people who suffer from these conditions often do not realise anxiety is at the heart of the problem and may not seek appropriate anxiety treatment.

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