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Helping you move forward with birth trauma therapy

Specialist psychological therapy to process a difficult birth

You shouldn't be left feeling upset when you think about your birth experience

It can be very difficult to know how to recover when you’ve experienced birth trauma. Even a medically ‘straightforward’ birth can be experienced as traumatic.

Perhaps you ended up having an emergency c-section after planning a water birth. Maybe there was a medical problem with you or your baby, or you felt ignored by people who were supposed to be caring for you. Instead of being joyful and happy, as you had imagined it, your experience of giving birth felt lonely and frightening.

It wasn’t your fault and it wasn’t because you didn’t try hard enough.

Now, even weeks or months afterwards, it may be impossible to stop remembering what happened, no matter how hard you try to avoid the reminders. This would be hard enough but you also have the small matter of a baby to take care of.

I know you want to feel differently when you think about your birth experience, and I understand the issues you face; it’s hard to talk about what happened, people don’t understand.

This is why I created Better Beginnings and specialise in birth trauma therapy.

Birth Trauma Counselling

Make sense of what happened

A safe space to help you make sense of the events around your birth trauma.

Process the trauma

Psychological intervention based on birth trauma therapy shown to work, such as EMDR therapy.

Feel safe and connected again

Live again in the now and move towards things that matter.

I provide specialist psychological therapy to help you process a difficult birth

I have helped other people like you with birth trauma therapy.

I create a safe space to make sense of the events around your birth experience. Using birth trauma therapy known to work, such as EMDR therapy, we then gently process what happened. Helping the memories feel less distressing so you can begin celebrating your baby’s birthday and stop reliving past events of that day.

Dr. Miriam Inder - Clinical Psychologist

How it works

Step one

Arrange a call

Contact me using the 'arrange a call' button and we will book a free introduction call to gentle explore your needs.

Step two

Create a plan

Knowing we are the right fit we meet online, beginning by creating a shared understanding and birth trauma therapy plan.

Step three

Start moving
forward again

Together we will work through your difficulties, using specialist birth trauma therapy to help you move toward the life you want.