Childhood Trauma

I understand that seeking help when you have experienced childhood trauma can be a difficult and painful process. Perhaps you feel that you do not want to revisit the past, however leaving such issues unresolved can lead to problems in adulthood.

Childhood trauma can come from a number of distressing experiences such as accidents, bullying, a chaotic childhood, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, death of a loved one or separation from parent or loved one. You may believe you do not deserve help because you believe your experiences were not as bad as another person’s, however childhood trauma is subjective and there is no sliding scale when it comes to people’s responses.

People with a history of childhood trauma can experience a number of ongoing personal difficulties, such as feelings of worthlessness or difficulties connecting with people and forming health relationships. You may resort to self-destructive behaviours to cope, such as self-harm or alcohol/drug abuse in an effort to numb the distressing feelings.

There are types of therapy available (such as EMDR, for example) where traumatic memories may be effectively processed without you having to describe the childhood trauma in detail. Dealing with the pain of your past is not something you need to do alone, and speaking to an experienced professional in a safe setting could set you on the path of recovery.

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