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Better Beginnings
Core Values

Explaining the values underpinning the service provided by Dr Miriam Inder at Better Beginnings psychology service.

Value 1 : Authenticity - being consistent and genuine

Being contained within a therapeutic relationship of warmth and transparency

Value 2 : Curiosity - being open-minded and interested

Understanding your experiences is central to understanding your distress. Countering damaging narratives blaming individuals for their difficulties

Value 3 : Connectedness - being fully present

Receiving your psychologist’s full attention when you meet

Value 4 : Skilfulness - continuously improving

Being offered therapy approaches known to work and delivered with warmth and skill

Value 5 : Equality - valuing everyone

Issues relating to marginalisation and social in-justice are held in mind in therapy

Value 6 : Empowerment - actively supporting important things

Helping you protect and promote your rights in systems where you might otherwise be made to feel powerless