It’s fine if your unsure. Contact me and we will arrange a telephone consultation. If I don’t think I am right for you I will recommend other organisations or professionals who can help. 

It is important that you find a therapist who feels like a ‘good fit’. With this in mind I am always happy to offer you an initial telephone consultation, where we can talk about what you are looking for and help you decide if you want to book an initial assessment appointment.

During an assessment appointment, we will talk in more detail about your current difficulties and understand them in relation to recent events and historical factors. This enables us to create a shared understanding of what you need and  what sort of therapy is most appropriate. I might ask you  to complete some questionnaires to aid my understanding and track change. If you decide that you would like to work with me, we will arrange a series of appointments (with regular reviews built-in to ensure you are getting what you need from therapy). Therapy is most effective when sessions take place weekly, and ideally at a regular day/time. As we move towards an ending we might spread sessions further apart. 

Therapy is a collaborative process, we work together to help you feel happier. We begin with a psychological assessment, understanding the problem/s in relation to recent events and historical factors. This includes an understanding of culture, gender, spiritual, and sexual orientation issues, and may include self report questionnaires/tools and clinical observation. This  information enables us to create a shared understanding (called a formulation) which is an individualised blueprint of your difficulties. It is this, along with the evidence, which helps us decide what type of approach is likely to work best for you. 

The number of sessions can depend on several factors, including

  1. What you want to work on and how motivated you are to make changes
  2. How much time do you have to work on these difficulties
  3. How often you want to have a therapy session 

On average most people have between 12-20 sessions.

There is extensive research evidence about the effectiveness of therapy for a wide variety of difficulties. I deliver evidence based psychological treatments and consider the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines when making recommendations for the approach used and the possible length of treatment.

Psychiatrists foremost have a medical training and typically rely on medication in treatment. Clinical Psychologists use their knowledge of psychological theory to help people feel better.

All sessions will be conducted in the strictest confidence and this confidence will be maintained, and applied to any and all records, except in the following instances –

1) Where the client gives consent for information to be shared with other agencies or health professionals involved in their care.
2) Where the therapist is compelled by a court of law.
3) Where the situation is such that the therapist considers the client a potential risk to themselves or others.

I would only break confidentiality  after careful consideration and after discussing this with you wherever possible. Some private healthcare insurance companies expect written progress reports to authorise treatment. Your referrer will usually request your written permission for information to be disclosed. I will discuss the content of any reports with you beforehand.

Recording and storage of your personal information will comply with the Data Protection Act  (2018) (see Privacy Policy).

Online working can be very convenient if you are unable to get to the consulting room and there is a growing evidence that it is very effective. 

I use a secure end-to-end encrypted platform called ‘Zoom’ because it meets a high standard of security. You can find out more about this by reading zoom’s security guide here https://zoom.us/docs/doc/Zoom-Security-White-Paper.pdf. As with any online video conferencing software I cannot guarantee 100% confidentiality due to threats such as online ‘spying’ although I am proactive in continuously updating security features as recommended.  

Zoom works on your desktop/laptop through your browser (so you don’t need to download anything) . It can also work on your phone or tablet however you will need to download the free app from your app store. 

Please contact me and we can discuss the best way forward for you.