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Therapy to support you after baby loss

Specialist psychological therapy to help you process the grief and trauma

You shouldn’t have to process baby loss alone

Baby loss is devastating. Perhaps you’ve suffered a miscarriage or had to make the difficult decision to have a termination for medical reasons. Maybe you had a stillborn baby or experienced neonatal death.

Perinatal losses such as these are unique, in my experience, because this is when trauma and grief collide. It may be impossible to stop remembering what happened, no matter how hard you try to avoid the reminders. On top of that you’re also grieving for the baby you lost and the future you had been imagining. It may feel impossible to come to terms with your miscarriage or baby loss.

I know you want to feel happier, to think about it less and enjoy life more. I understand the challenges you face; it’s hard to talk about what happened, people don’t understand and you feel lonely.

Make sense of
your baby loss

A safe space to make sense of your experience of miscarriage or stillbirth.

Process the trauma
and grief

Compassionately delivered psychological therapy based on approaches that are shown to work.

Move forward

Reconnect with who you are and the things that matter in your life.

I provide an empathic space to help you come to terms with baby loss

Over the years I have helped other people through pregnancy and baby loss. Understanding your experience is why I created Better Beginnings. It is important to have a safe space to explore what you have been through, without fear of judgement.

I also draw upon specialist psychological therapy to gently help you process some of the distressing experiences around your miscarriage or stillbirth. Therapy such as EMDR can help you develop a different relationship with these upsetting memories. I hope that, once we have worked together, you can feel happier. Not that you forget, but that you can start building a future filled with things you enjoy and people you love, rather than feeling stuck in the past.

Dr. Miriam Inder - Clinical Psychologist

How it works

Step one

a call

Get in touch using the contact form and we can book a free 15-minute call, where we discuss your needs.

Step two

Create a plan

Knowing we are the right fit, we meet (either in-person or online) and begin by creating a shared understanding and treatment plan.

Step three

Start moving
forward again

Together we will work through your difficulties using psychological therapy to help you move toward the life you want.