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Specialist postnatal depression therapy and therapy for postnatal anxiety

Postnatal depression therapy can help you to make sense of your feelings and feel connected again.

You deserve help to feel happier in early motherhood

The transition to motherhood is a seismic event. Even if having children has been a lifelong desire, once it arrives it can feel impossibly hard. I know how easy it is to feel lost, between who you were before and who you think you should be now. Trapped by the constant demands and responsibilities of a baby, it’s impossible to feel good at anything.

Perhaps you’ve experienced a previous loss of a pregnancy, a difficult birth, relationship difficulties or feeding problems. Perhaps it’s simply that the reality of parenthood is harsher than you believed it would be, leaving you struggling for support or feeling like you aren’t good enough.

I know you want to feel happier and be the best mother you can be, and I understand the challenges; it’s hard to explain why you feel depressed or anxious, people don’t understand, and this was not how motherhood was supposed to feel.

Make sense of your feelings

A safe space to help you make sense of your emotions.

A happier version of yourself

Compassionately delivered psychological therapy for postnatal depression and anxiety.

Feel connected again

Move forward towards the life you want, feeling worthy and connected to the things which matter.

Helping you feel like yourself again

I provide compassionate postnatal depression therapy and postnatal anxiety therapy so you can be a happier version of yourself.

Over the years I have helped other people like you overcome similar problems of postnatal depression and anxiety.

It is essential to have a safe, non-judgmental therapy space to help you begin to understand your feelings. Then postnatal depression therapy approaches such as CBT and EMDR, used sensitively, can help you develop a different relationship with your thoughts and feelings, allowing you to feel more connected with the things you care about and the people you love.

I hope that after our work you can feel like a happier version of yourself, more connected to the things that matter, and feel more confident that you are a good enough mother.

Dr. Miriam Inder - Clinical Psychologist

How it works

Step one

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Step two

Together, we'll create a plan

With the security of feeling comfortable with me, we meet and begin by gently creating a shared understanding of your needs, and crafting an individualised treatment plan.

Step three

Start moving forward again

We work together, at a pace that’s right for you, using specialist psychological therapy to help you achieve your therapy goals and move into the life you’ve been picturing.