“To be able to talk openly in a safe and comfortable environment has meant a lot. Your ability to listen, understand and not judge was amazing. The process and structure worked well for me. You have helped me to heal myself”

Tom, 41

“Becoming pregnant was a confusing and upsetting time. I found it hard to talk to my midwife because I was worried she would think I didn’t deserve to be a mum. You helped me work through my worries. I am now looking forward to meeting my baby more than I could have hoped. Thank you”

Abi, 26

‘Excellent service provided, would highly recommend’

Stuart, 29

Therapy with Miriam felt safe and supportive. My problems almost entirely disappeared. A big thank you!

Sarah, 43

Miriam is an approachable, kind and lovely person. I was at ease throughout our sessions and was able to gain so much from them, without consciously realising. I would recommend Dr Inder to anyone who may be unsure what ‘psychological help’ is. Whilst not always easy, it really is good to talk!

M, 32
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