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Therapy to help you through infertility

Specialist psychological therapy to help you cope

You shouldn’t have to navigate infertility alone

Becoming a mother has always been a part of your identity and you never pictured your journey to motherhood being like this. It’s a terrifying moment to be told you need fertility treatment to become pregnant. The unfairness of others who get the luxury of taking pregnancy for granted whilst you have suffered tests, invasive treatments and maybe even pregnancy loss.

Or perhaps you knew you would need help getting pregnant; maybe you’re in a same-sex relationship, un-partnered, or have reproductive health problems. Even-so, being forewarned has not protected you from the worry and sadness.

Maybe you’ve been on this journey for a long time and now face the impossible decision of stopping fertility treatment and grappling with the question ‘who am I now?’

This is reproductive trauma which leaves you feeling stuck, powerless and misunderstood.

I know you want to feel proud of your body, as much a woman as anyone else, to worry less about your future and reconnect with parts of your life which are on pause. You want to feel pleased for your pregnant friends instead of envious, sad (and then guilty).

I understand the challenges you face; infertility is hard to talk about, people don’t understand, and you feel lonely.


Birth Trauma Therapy

Make sense of your experiences

A safe space to make sense of your experiences around infertility

Process the grief and trauma

Compassionate therapy using approaches known to work

Cope and move forward again

Learn how to cope with the challenges and reconnect with who you are and the things that matter in your life

I provide therapy to help you make sense of what's happened and cope with the journey ahead

Therapy with me is a safe, supportive space to make sense of what you’ve been through, and to move forward into the next part of your journey, whatever this looks like.

I have been trained by The British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA) to provide specialist counselling to support you through fertility treatment. I also draw upon specialist psychological therapy such as EMDR therapy to gently help you process some of the distressing experiences you’ve had around invasive tests, diagnoses, unsuccessful fertility treatments and losses.

I hope that therapy can help you value yourself again, re-connect to the things that matter whilst you navigate the various crossroads of fertility treatment, and beyond.

Perinatal Psychologist - Dr. Miriam Inder
Step one

Arrange a call

Contact me using the 'arrange a call' button and we will book a free introduction call so you can check I'm a good fit for you.

Step two

Create a plan together

Knowing we are the right fit we meet online, beginning by creating a shared understanding of your needs and therapy plan.

Step three

Move forward again

Together we work through the challenges your facing. Learn to value yourself the things that matter to you.